Hospital Services & Facilities

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Midwest Bird & Exotic Animal Hospital is a complete veterinary medical and surgical facility focusing on exotic pets, one of the few in the Chicago area. Midwest Bird & Exotic Animal Hospital opened more than 20 years ago in Westchester, a farther west suburb of Chicago, and moved to Elmwood Park in more recent years. We are now only 3 blocks west of the western border of Chicago, near Oak Park. We have veterinarians at the hospital 24 hours a day, year round. Our emergency hospital is just named differently (Midwest Animal Emergency Hospital) because we will also give veterinary care to cats and dogs on weekends, nights and holidays, but during regular day practice hours, our veterinarians see only exotic pets. We are an exotic pet veterinary referral service for many veterinarians in Chicago and its suburbs.

Preventive Health Care

Birds and other exotic pets often hide signs of illness until they become life threatening. Routine examinations in conjunction with laboratory testing can detect certain infectious and metabolic diseases in the early stages before they become serious illnesses. Annual examination and preventative health care are recommended to help your pet live a long and healthy life.

Laboratory and Diagnostic Services

• Complete Hematological and Chemistry Profiles
• DNA Sexing
• Clinical Pathology: Cultures, Gram Stain, Cytology, Histopathology
• Infectious Disease Testing
• Urine and Fecal Analysis
• External Parasite Checks
• Radiology
• Ultrasonography
• Endoscopy


Surgery is conducted using isoflurane gas anesthesia, which is one of the safest inhalation anesthetics available. Standard surgical techniques are enhanced with the use of radiosurgery, special magnification, and micro instrumentation. A surgical assistant monitors the patient using devices such as a Doppler pulse monitor, respiratory rate monitor, ECG, and rectal temperature probes. Warm water circulating blankets and IV fluids are used to support patients during surgery.

Hospitalization Areas

Our hospital has four fully equipped exam rooms.

The hospital has a "warm room" which is kept at a humidified temperature of around 80-85ºF, ideal for hospitalized birds, reptiles and amphibians. This room is fronted with large glass windows so pets can be easily and constantly monitored by all staff.

An isolation ward is available for patients with contagious diseases. It has a separate ventilation system present, and foot baths are used upon entering and exiting the ward to prevent the spreading of disease.

Hospital cages and incubators in our treatment area are used for closer monitoring of critical patients. There is a separate small mammal room to provide a quiet and stress free environment for more stable patients. We are able to provide dedicated oxygen cages and continuous IV fluid administration with IV fluid pumps.

Veterinary Consultation

Progress reports on patients treated at home are encouraged. These reports are entered into the patient record and the doctor is advised. The doctor will return calls as needed to discuss any treatment changes or answer questions that may arise.

Veterinarians are available to provide updates and discuss continued care of hospitalized pets on a daily basis. Visitation and consultation is provided in a private room with the comfort of the client and patient in mind. These appointments can be arranged during regular office hours, and we ask that you call ahead of time so we can prepare a room.

Our Veterinarians also consult with outside board certified veterinarians in all fields of veterinary medicine in order to provide the most comprehensive care possible.

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