Our Facilities

Our hospital is a complete medical and surgical facility. A wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities are offered on site. Our hot ward is kept at a humidified temperature of around 80F, ideal for hospitalized birds, reptiles and amphibians. It is equipped with stainless steel cages and aquariums, fronted with large glass windows. This way, pets are easily and constantly monitored by all staff. An isolation ward is present in the hospital, which is necessary in a situation where there is a patient with an infectious disease. This room has a separate ventilation system present, and foot baths are used upon entering and exiting the ward to prevent the spreading of disease. Isolation lab coats are worn while treating the animal and are taken off before leaving the ward. This room’s temperature is controlled depending on what species is isolated. We have recently added the FLAVORx veterinary compounding system to our pharmacy. The medication can be customized to meet the needs of the individual patient. Compounding and flavoring the medication increases the ease of administration and the acceptability of the medication by the patient. We have updated some of our equipment at the clinic: we expanded the lab in 2001; we went paperless in December 2002; we recently upgraded our system of analyzing chemistries in the lab.


We have selected products that we recommend, available for purchase at the clinic. These are some of the products that we carry:

• Bedding: Yesterday’s News, Feline Pine, Carefresh
• Bird pellets: ZuPreem and Harrison’s
• Exact pellets for birds, hamsters and gerbils, rabbits and guinea pigs
• Exact hand feeding formula
• Ferret food: Wysong Archetype and Ferret Archetype
• Grooming and cleaning products
• Oxbow products: Hay, hay cakes, Bunny Basics, Cavy Cuisine
• Spectrum lights of various wattages. Both day and night cycle.
• Various types of toys for all pets.
• Vitamins

Additional items not normally carried can be special ordered upon request when possible. If you have any suggestion on items that we should carry, or questions about items we currently carry, please contact us and let us know.

Midwest Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital believes not only in treating pets, we also believe in educating their owners.