Programs & Professional Organizations

Veterinary School Involvement

Our clinic has had a veterinary student extern program for more than a decade. This program is in place to give veterinary students an opportunity to learn and work with exotics in a clinical setting. Students have come from many different veterinary schools in the U.S. and abroad. While on their externships, many also take "side-trips" to the Chicago zoos (Brookfield Zoo and Lincoln Park Zoo) and the Shedd Aquarium. International veterinarians also visit us to learn about exotic animal practice in the U.S. So far we have had vets from Wales, England, Sweden, Japan, Belgium, Holland, France, and Mexico.

Programs for Local Schools, Clubs and Organizations

Our doctors commonly give lectures at schools ranging from elementary school to college. They talk about caring for pets, common ailments, and handling techniques (such as how to restrain a bird, draw blood and trim nails). The doctors regularly speak at club meetings such as the Chicago Caged Bird Club, West Suburban Caged Bird Club & NIPS (Northern Illinois Parrot Society). They usually are asked to speak on a specific topic and allow much time for question and answer sessions. We are also working with local pet stores to further educate their staff about exotic animal care.

Professional Organizations

The veterinarians maintain active memberships in various professional associations. Each doctor attends more than the required amount of continuing education lectures each year. The following are some of the associations in which they participate:

Shelter Involvement

Our veterinarians are the primary veterinarians for the Greater Chicago Ferret Association and also help to provide veterinary care and support for the following pet service organizations:

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